Independent inspection call following pool tragedy

MSI has campaigned for years to get the hotel tourism sector to accept the risks posed by swimming pool drain entrapment. A company spokesperson said: “it’s a tragedy that three members of the Diya family died in the same pool incident and it’s also a travesty the family has not been given access to the pool for an independent inspection – why?

“While entrapment cannot, at this time, be officially confirmed, all the signs paint to drain entrapment and the only way to discover the cause of the death is an independent inspection by a recognised UK experts.”

Pool entrapment incidents have been happening for many years in overseas hotel pools. In 2017, there was an entrapment incident at the Valenciano when a 14-year-old boy was rapped underwater by suction from a drain.

The boy fell unconscious and sustained a perineal tear as a result of the strong suction of the pump. It took a four-hour operation to save his life