A new day dawning in pool safety

Lower Keys barometer
April 15, 1999


By Keith Monti

We hear of children dying in swimming pools every summer and we all hang our heads and say how sad it is.  Many of those kids die from horsing around in the water.  But for years a silent killer has waited for children at the bottom of every swimming pool!

Not a great many kids die from being stuck on a suction line at the bottom of a pool, but from now on, even one will be too many.  A young girl in Kansas City, Mo. died while diving for coins tossed into the pool by friends.  One of the coins fell into the main drain, the girl removed the grate and her foot was sucked into the four inch main drain line.  She was trapped for twenty five minutes before she died.  Firefighters turned off the pump to try to break the suction, but with no luck.

With the summer swimming season just ahead, pool owners are asked to look at new safety system, Vac-Alert™ Industries, LLC, that is fast becoming the standard of the industry.  Within one second of sensing a rise in the vacuum pressure on the suction line the Vac-Alert™ Industries, LLC valve reacts and breaks the suction on the line.  If the obstruction causing the pressure rise is cleared, the Vac-Alert™ Industries, LLC unit allows the return to normal operation after being reset.

It is easy to install and gives peace of mind about a real threat.  As a former pool owner and parent, I urge you to check this out.  Yes it is a freak type of accident and does not happen all that often, but if it happens to your child, one time is too many.

Kids don't always stop to think, they believe that they are indestructible...parents know better and should take all the precautions that they can to keep their children safe. 























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